Private Peaceful
Updated: 3/13/2020
Private Peaceful

Storyboard Text

  • Ok
  • Why does she want us to come she has ... Charlie her husband to help her this better not be long.
  • At dinner
  • I need to go outside can Charlie and Tommo come if you don't mind.
  • Don't worry Moll I won't be going anyway the Colonel can't take the house off us!
  • A few days later...
  • He is going to so Charlie please listen to me please...
  • Whats wrong with that Colonel he Cant do this to us!
  • The Brook
  • To the Trenches
  • No Guns
  • We will be back in time for the baby love ya Moll!
  • Please back in time for the baby Charlie and Tommo. do great out there.Im going to miss you goodluck.
  • Molly can you say goodbye to Mother and Joe for me and Goodbye Molly.