Isabella Podmenik Chapter 6-7 THe Giver
Updated: 1/6/2021
Isabella Podmenik Chapter 6-7 THe Giver

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  • It's finally time for this Ceremony we've been hearing so much about. As Lily gets ready, Jonas reminds her of how she got her front-button jacket when she turned Seven.
  • When Jonas and his family shows up they see Gabe isn't there with the other Ones because he's, in short, the runt of the litter. Since he isn't healthy or grown enough to be placed with a family
  • On top of that, Jonas, Lily, and their parents all had to sign a document promising not to get emotionally attached to Gabe. Why? That's it for the first day of the Ceremonies. The second morning is when the Ceremony of Twelve takes place.
  • It's finally time for the Ceremony of Twelve. Jonas and his friends line up in the order of the numbers they were given at birth.The group will receive its assignments in this order, as well
  • The Chief Elder is giving out the assigments.Since, as we all know, nineteen comes after eighteen, it's Jonas's turn. But then…
  • The Chief Elder moves on to number Twenty. She skips Jonas. Everyone notices, and the crowd is all hushed.
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