KIng midas, Silenus, Dionysus
Updated: 4/8/2021
KIng midas, Silenus, Dionysus

Storyboard Description

KIng midas took in silenus and dionysus thought silenus was lost in the forest. When they returned to dionysus he granted king midas 1 wish.

Storyboard Text

  • Good, my cooks spent a long time cooking it
  • What a feast last night! the crab, the breadsticks, the oysters! ...
  • My hearts desire?
  • I found myself alone in the forest, but good King Midas fed me and sheltered me,
  • KIng Midas, as a reward for you, tell, me your hearts desire and ill grant it
  • Silenus, where have you been? We thought you got lost or died!
  • I desire to be the richest man alive.
  • What is your hearts desire?