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The Mighty Beowulf! By: Taylor Johnson
Updated: 9/19/2018
The Mighty Beowulf! By: Taylor Johnson
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  • The Mighty Beowulf!
  • As a party was going on in the hall, Grendel comes in the night to kill for his own satisfaction! 
  • AHHHHHH!!!
  • "Ouch my ears!!!"
  • Beowulf fights and kills Grendel! He cuts off his arm and hangs it in the hall.
  • "I am the mighty Beowulf!"
  • Grendel's mother is furious about her sons death and wants revenge!
  • "I will avenge my son and kill Beowulf!"
  • Beowulf jumps into Grendel's mothers home and she pulls him down to the bottom...they fight to the death and Beowulf kills her and then cuts the head off of Grendel's corpse.
  • "I will slay you just like I did your son!"
  • A peasant longing for gold finds some underground in a dragons layer which wakes up the dragon and he comes after everyone.
  • Beowulf goes after the dragon even at old age and kills it after a long, hard battle with which he had help from one of his brave men...he dies shortly after only to leave the throne to the helpful warrior.
  • "We must help our lord for he would do the same for us!"
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