The underdog
Updated: 4/1/2021
The underdog

Storyboard Text

  • Thomas peters arrived at the leaders mansion he put his hore on a small wooden pillar and tied it up there he went inside the mansion and almost got spotted so he walked across the canopy and got to the second floor he saw many people in the living room and saw the leader he got a knife and carved a square down to the office he dropped down and got the papers but then he got spotted by the noise and got to his horse and went full speed ducking his head
  • Thomas Peters horse was hit by dogs and shot and sliced by other people on horses with swords but kept running even if he was gonna die and took his last steps to Thomas’s house and majestically died and Thomas pet him and cried after his horse died his horse went through so much pain just to bring him home
  • This kid in the suit is named Jackson he was the best person at debates in class and was all rude about it he was famous around everybody a bully and a snitch and thought he was the king of class he also lived in a mansion far far away and was rich then the debate starts the teacher yells “start!”
  • Am I really debating with this stupid kid
  • They started to argue Thomas played dumb saying bad points and Jackson was destroying him then the whole area around him changed and there were two rings of fire which would get smaller when they would go speechless Thomas had fire inches apart from his shirt he said the points the leader made for a debate later he remembered when he heard slavery but ignored that he said so much good points only the leader used and made Jackson speechless he burnt alive as the fire closed on him but in reality he just fell from how he got destroyed in a debate
  • Thomas got a candy as a prize for winning and being the best in his team everybody cheered and Jackson ran home crying
  • Am I really debating this stupid kid really!