Story Outline Storyboard Template
Updated: 12/15/2020
Story Outline Storyboard Template

Storyboard Description

Plot Diagram Template or Plot Map Template for outlining a story. Copy to your teacher account and assign to students to complete.

Storyboard Text

  • The narrator's husband, John, rents a house for the summer so the narrator could recover from her nervous depression. The narrator's husband and brother are both physicians, so they advise her to not do anything. But she believes that some congenial work with excitement and change would be good for her.
  • The John chose a bedroom with an ugly yellow wallpaper. The narrator heavily dislikes the yellow wallpaper and the patterns on the wall. She begins to understand why the children from the nursery didn't like this room.
  • The narrator is writing about how her nervous depression is getting worse and that Johnis doing nothing to help her. She writes that John laughs at her for being bothered by the wall.
  • The narrator notices that the shapes and patterns on the wall change according to the lighting in the room. She also sees a woman behind the wallpaper. The wallpaper starts taking over her senses and starts getting the better of her. She also starts to sleeps less and less.
  • The narrator begins to see the woman in the wall wandering everywhere and the narrator thinks John is suspicious of her behavior. On the day before they were supposed to leave, she finally decides to break tear down the yellow wallpaper to free the woman in the wall. She also throws the keys at the front stairs.
  • John tries to enter the room but can't. The narrator tells John where the key is. When John enters the room, he sees what's going on. The narrator says that the woman in the wall escapes and John faints. John fainted in the way of the narrator's path, so she has to creep over him.