African colonies
Updated: 2/13/2020
African colonies

Storyboard Text

  • Also Timbuktu
  • This is are land now. We now have control of the land between senegal and algeria.
  • You better watch out. Samori Touré is going start a war with you.
  • You are in a crisis with american industries getting more cotton offers than you.
  • We would like to by a share of the cotton you make.
  • Ok
  • In this land, we found all sorts of minerals, gold, and diamond.
  • Son now we will mine it all.
  • We will go into war with Samori´s empire
  • Hopefully this wont take 20 years
  • We will go by the nile to make a path while we go.
  • Lets go men. We need to reconquer the land so we can protect it
  • We will now move north to claim more land and expand on us. Doing this will cause a war so we will be ready.