Australia Islands
Updated: 5/18/2020
Australia Islands

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  • The Magnetic Island is one of the growing Islands in popularity as there are so many things to do there. There are things like Reef, Koalas, Walking trails, and many more. The way to get there is just magnificent with a Ferry to transfer you to the Island. There is even a festival called Island Life Beach festival.
  • Magnetic Island
  • The Rottnest Island is amazing for bike Riding and it is even suggested to explore the whole Island by bike. This Island was once used for war, but it is now a place people love to explore and a special animal thart is only around this area is found on this Island. It is great for swiming for all the the people who want to swim.
  • Rottnest Island
  • The lord Howe Island is found 600 km from Sydney and the volcanic remnant is what made the giant mountains and has coral pools and walking trails with much wildlife around. This Island is not easy to get to as you need to go here on plane and it my past the budget by a little.
  • Lord Howe Island
  • This Island is not ment to really be a place where people can stre off into the sunset and just enjoy their time. This is an Island that is meant to learn about the Australian history. It is great for a picnic and learning about the history and much more. You can get here by ferry.
  • Cockatoo Island
  • This Island is amazing and it gose off the trail but it is worth the wait to visit this beautiful place. You can even go on land that is just right before antartica. You can see all the penguins and the pictures that I have seen Make this place look like heaven.
  • Bruny Island
  • This Island is luxery and is amazing for people to just chill and have a fun time. It has infinity pools, cocktails, golf buggies, and the day just gest better and better. The cost to get there and for a package plan cna be as little as $130.
  • Hamilton Island