Part 2 of There was once a Fair Knight
Updated: 4/5/2020
Part 2 of There was once a Fair Knight
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Part 2

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  • Sitting down on a log next to a particularly large tree he rested his weary limbs...
  • Feeling a creeping suspicion that he was being watched he slowly lifted his head...
  • Cautiously he turned around and saw a giant, looming, dark, shape...
  • Very Frightened the fair knight almost screamed but the hulking black shape put a hand over his mouth to stop him...
  • hi
  • To the fair knight's great surprise the gorilla, as it turned out to be, started speaking in English to the knight, "You have awakened many creatures that were better-left asleep in this forest with your loud movements. Be wiser with your noise"...
  • hi
  • The fair knight was flabbergasted he slowly pushed the gorilla's hand down and asked quietly, "So you are not here to harm me, only to warn me?" he paused, "Tell me your name friend."
  • To be continued
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