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Updated: 8/28/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Sully is trying to teach Scoot how to steer a boat. Out of no where a giant rouge wave comes and smashes the bout into pieces, Sully is scattered somewhere in the bout pieces and Scoot was trapped in a room under water!! How was she going to get out?
  • Falling action
  • A few minutes have passed, Scoot is still trapped. Sully desperately tries to get her out, but there is no response from Scoot. Scoot starts to respond to the banging noises coming from the door of the room she is trapped in. The air pressure was to high and she wasn't able to get out.
  • Resolution
  • Sully notices there is a hatch at the bottom of the boat, and tries to get Scoots attention. She soon responds and sees the hatch. It is super hard to open. She soon notices the air pocket getting smaller and thinner.
  • Scoot has taken several breaths, and she still couldn't get that hatch open. She came back up and the air pocket was to small. She took her last Breath and she opened it she swam to the top and got out. During all of that Sully spotted a boat and waved it down.
  • Sully and Scoot both got on the boat and they headed home. They had never forgotten that day when a rouge wave appeared right in front of them.
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