Hero's Journey

Updated: 9/15/2020
Hero's Journey

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  • Ordinary world,Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call
  • Bring me food back! Imma gonna get HANGRY!!
  • yes dear
  • Meet the Mentor, Crossing the Threshold, Tests, allies, enemies
  • Hello. I am Mark. I have hangry issues with ladies all the time. I will lead you to food and get you back to your hangry lady.
  • Hey thanks dudes, my woman is crazy.
  • The Inner CaveOrdeal
  • Well okay then. There goes Anthony.
  • Hmmm. I wonder.......
  • Scarlet and Rusty Ladybug lives in GrassyGrass where everything is normal. But then famine strikes and Rusty figured that it was a good time to die anyway and decides not to do anything. But Scarlet got hangry so Rusty heads off to find food for his lady.
  • Reward,The Road Back
  • While walking through the famine filled land, Rusty meets a monarch named Mark who offers to help along with his apprentice Anthony. They begin their journey and know they can't turn back because of the need for food. But they must watch for Luke the Locust and his gang.
  • Resurrection
  • I need woman and a Mark Junior. Sorry not sorry.
  • While walking through a cave, Rusty realizes he hasn't eaten today and starts getting hungry and knows that ladybugs only live 2 days without food and has to ignore his hunger pains to get food for his lady before she dies of hangryness. And then he faints reawakening to find that Anthony has been bleeding internally and then explodes, leaving the shell of his dead body.
  • Return with the Elixir
  • With no food, a dead body, and 1 day to return to the lady...Rusty and Mark decide to feed Scarlet the dead ant. Rusty doesn't give into his hunger yet and drags Anthonys dead body behind him.
  • Screw it. Sorry Anthony. A woman's gotta eat.
  • Sooo, it turns out that there Mark is evil and drops a knife into Rusty because he wants his lady.
  • Turns out that