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Updated: 10/26/2020
Unknown Story

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  • We want slaves
  • Lets deliver these people their property!
  • All part of their stupid triangle trade thing again...
  • Give us slaves!
  • We Are Tolerant!If you are Christian of any kind come join us!
  • Dismissed!! We need to get to farming.
  • We need to get more slaves dad....
  • We will go next week.. Now get back to work we need more tobacco.
  • This represents the New England colonies because they heavily relied on ships. They used those ships for the triangle to trade one of their stops was to drop of slaves to people.
  • This represents the Middle Colonies because they were religiously tolerant. They also had the nickname the breadbasket. They grow lots of grains.
  • This represents the Southern colonies because they grew cash crops, which was tobacco. They relied on slaves to do their work.
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