Updated: 2/25/2020

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  • Zeus I am so mad at you!!!
  • I don't care Just be quiet my goodness!!
  • I can poison his drink now.
  • I need to go to the washroom
  • Why would you scream at me you are so mean.
  • Oh my god can you ever stop talking!!!
  • Zeus and Hera are always quarreling (means having a argument). Zeus angered Hera by his infidelities. Hera enraged him with her suspicions.
  • Thanks for helping me fight the Titans
  • It is No problem Zeus.
  • Once she persuaded the other gods into a plot against him. She drugged his drink the gods surrounded him as he slept and bound him with rawhide thongs.
  • I have to. You kept shouting at me so sorry.
  • Why did you hang me up here
  • Zeus starts to raged at Hera and swore to and destroy her but then Zeus was going to use his THUNDERBOLT.
  • Sorry Zeus for shouting at you so can we be back not being mean.
  • Fine we can stop shouting at each other.
  • Zeus has a cousin Hundred-handed Briareus, who had helped him against the Titans, was working as his gardener.
  • The terrified plotters fell to their knees, weeping and pleading. He seized Hera and hung her in the sky, binding her with golden chains.
  • She promised, and Zeus promised to mend his ways too. But they kept watching each other.