APUSH Gilded Age pt. 2
Updated: 1/27/2021
APUSH Gilded Age pt. 2

Storyboard Text

  • In the early 1890's, the Populist Party had many successes. They won governors seats in Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, Montana, and other states. The Party also gained control of states legislatures in Kansas, Nebraska, and North Carolina. They even elected member int he House of Representatives in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and California.
  • As said before the Populist was made because they were upset with the Democratic and Republican Parties. Populists believed that the Federal Government needed to play a more efficient role in the economy by regulating business and railroads. They also supported women's suffrage.
  • The People's Party selected James Weaver as its candidate for presidency inn the U.S. Populists called for government ownership of railroads, telephone, and telegraph networks. They also demanded free coinage of silver, an income tax, and railroad-owned land being made to homesteaders.
  • However, in the election of 1896, Weaver lost against Grover Cleveland. Due to that, the Democratic Party had taken in many of the Populists ideas. Causing the Peoples party to become nonexistent as a national organization.
  • Thankfully in Ohio, the Populist party remained an insignificant force in politics.