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Dark they were and golden eyed
Updated: 3/10/2020
Dark they were and golden eyed
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  • A family went to mars and they then got stuck on mars because the rocket ship could not work so then they were stuck on mars for it seems like forever and then they just had to accept the fact that they are turning into martians and it was pretty hard for the guy to do that because he thought that the other people were just being weird and crazy because they couldn't see the change but then he had to accept the change too.
  • "Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness, learning from the past, and realizing everything changes"
  • Once harry accepted that mars changed his identity, he was happy. “The wind blew as if to flake away their identities.”
  • The guy used to believe that everyone else was crazy because he saw everything start to change and then turns out he started to change too.He accepted the fact that he was going to be turning into a martian.At this point in the story, Harry had NOT accepted his changing. The fact that he 
  • “As long as the rockets had spun a silver web across space, he had been able to accept mars. For he has always told himself. Tomorrow, if i want i can buy as ticket to go back to earth but now the web gone the rockets lying in jigsaw heaps of molten girder and unsnaked wire”
  • I think that the Conflict is supports the theme because the conflict was that the guy did not want to be a martian and he wanted to get out of there but then he kinda liked being a martian and so then that’s how it all ended.
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