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Updated: 7/29/2020
comic ing

Storyboard Text

  • First a doctor asked that the persons well the planet is changed because of thecovid 19 and the teens haved a lot of questions
  • The first teen was a girl shesaid that she and her friend Emma had been a social distancing fortwo weeks
  • The seond teen was a boy, hesaid that he have a strongs lungs and he doesnt gonna get sick, doctor saidthat is wonderfull because the covid 19 affect the respiratory system
  • The doctor told us that the social distancing help to protectall of us but more important the older people
  • The doctor told us that nowmany people may wind up getting corona virus and that some of them can are teens
  • The doctor told us that somehealth providers don't have enough supplies of resources to fight to the covid19