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Updated: 4/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I mean, ok?
  • Hey, do you want to know about chemical and physical changes?
  • Oh ok, that is really cool.
  • Physical change is when matter changes its state but it is still the same type of substance. Physical change can also be reversed.
  • An example of physical change is when you cut an apple. You cut the apple, but it is still an apple.
  • I did not know that.
  • A chemical change is when the atoms or molecules in an object turn into a totally different substance. A chemical change is irreversible.
  • That's pretty amazing.
  • Wow, you really know your changes.
  • An example of a chemical change is when you crack an egg . This is a chemical change because you can not put the egg back in the shell.
  • So, have you learned something about chemical and physical changes.
  • Yes, I really have.