Daily Life in the Roman Empire
Updated: 12/20/2019
Daily Life in the Roman Empire
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  • Daily Life in the Roman Empire
  • "Life in the Roman Empire is amazing!!"
  • "Not for us without money it's not..."
  • Education
  • “When I was educated, my father or a slave tutored me until I was about six. Then, after that I went to school to learn Math, Science, Latin, Greek, and more.”
  • “Well you are very lucky, I didn’t even get to go to school. I had to go straight to work!”
  • Housing
  • “I also live in a great house built out of stone and marble. And thick walls to keep dirt and loud sounds out.”
  • “I have a tiny, very crowded apartment that doesn’t have a proper kitchen! We have to cook our meals on very small, portable grills in smoke filled rooms. There are diseases all over the place from the rats!”
  • Food and Drink
  • “I also eat great amounts of fancy party food all the time in my kitchen. For breakfast everyday I eat some bread, and porridge or beans, It is really nice.”
  • “I wish I could have all of that but I only have some chunks of fish, a fig and asparagus to eat sometimes because I can not afford all of that.”
  • Law and order
  • “Well I am even able to accuse anyone for anything and take it to jury but if I lost it wouldn’t matter because I wouldn’t get any harsh punishments.”
  • “Your life sounds great but I am also able to do that except I would get a harsher punishment and be treated a lot worse than you would.”
  • End!
  • "Yeah Rome is pretty great for me but i'm sorry you don't see it that way."
  • "You have it so good so it makes sense that you like it so much here."
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