Unknown Story
Updated: 1/20/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition
  • You got better
  • Conflict
  • What is going on in here?
  • Rising Action
  • No... This cant be true
  • In the 1800's there was a family named the whites. Mr. white and his son Herbert were playing chess, while Mrs. White was watching on the couch.
  • Climax
  • Later that evening Major Morris showed up and was telling them all about his adventures in war. Then told the whites about the paw, and threw it in the fire, Mr. white quickly grabbed it out and wished for 200 pounds.
  • Falling Action
  • Major Morris left after telling them the paw was dangerous, and the next day Mr. White got his 200 pounds. But they got a message that their son had an accident at work and sadly died.
  • Resolution
  • Mr. White is devastated about his son, and decides to wish him back alive. 5 minutes later there is knocking at the door yelling "mom". Mrs. White rushes down the steps while Mr. White runs down the stairs.
  • While Mrs. White is struggling to open the door Mr. white struggles but finds he mokeys paw, and the knocking stops.
  • The door opens, Mrs. White drops to the floor sobbing, as the street light flicker, why did Mr. White do it?