Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • society today
  • crisis caused by disease
  • i have covid 19 and i am disapprovet what should ido
  • i dont know what to do
  • i can not anymore
  • ingrid was adjusting to the new normal
  • accept responsibility
  • all failed studes must take an exam
  • rec
  • unfortunately the disease come to ingrid so she had two things to worry about
  • have a clear goal
  • s k z i love
  • i am doing it right
  • ingrid did not know how to face the situation
  • i make it
  • finally everything goes well
  • ingrid understood that it was her mistake to leave things
  • it can't be from today i'm going to study
  • reach the objective
  • ingrid achieved what she set out to do and reflected on how important it is to do things in a timely manner