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Laug Arts
Updated: 10/11/2019
Laug Arts
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  • A very long time ago. There was a man named Daedalus. He lived a happy until he tricked the gods and making a minotaur
  • For his punishment him and his son gets locked up in the top of the tower. All the tower faces is the ocean. One time tried to escape by bribery. King Minos had every ship searched carefully .
  • Daedalus had an idea. He wanted to soar like the birds. That was how Him and his son was going to escape from the tower.
  • Daedalus worked all night on them. He collected the birds feather that had fell from the sky. He melted together with the wax from the candle's. He had them already from the next morning.
  • The next morning there were clear sky . Daedalus told his son Icarus not to fly to close to the sun or the wax with melt or do fly to close or the salt from the ocean will damped them. They were the first men to fly.
  • As they started off Icarus got to close to the sun and the wax started to melt. Feathers started falling off from his wings and Icarus feel in the water and died.
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