Why don't Black People Trust their Doctors?
Updated: 2/24/2021
Why don't Black People Trust their Doctors?

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  • Why Black People Don't Trust Doctors
  • Why you won't take the vaccine?
  • I don't trust those doctors. They stole cells from black people for their research.
  • 1950s: the Polio Vaccine
  • What, that's great! Let's work on that polio cure!
  • John Hopkins Medicine
  • Davin Bodian:I don't think she knew, but a black woman gave us some of her cells.
  • Basement Serves Blacks
  • 1980s: the HPV Vaccine
  • Richard Schlegel:Now we're dealing with another African virus. Pass me some more cells!
  • PARTNER:We cultured some 15 years ago. Here they are.
  • National Cancer Institute
  • 2020: the COVID-19 vaccine
  • David Margolius:More viruses! Have any more human cells in stock?
  • Yeah, I found these cells 30 years ago.
  • Gee, I never knew those doctors sampled a person's cells without her consent.
  • Exactly. They never gave the woman, Henrietta Lacks, any credit.
  • What's worse? Her family still has not received any compensation.
  • Now We're Supposed to Trust Them?
  • Wow, that is low. They can keep their vaccine!