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2 Great Gatsy
Updated: 3/26/2020
2 Great Gatsy
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  • "What happened?"
  • "She ran out ina road. There was two cars, one comin', one goin'."
  • "Oh, my Ga-od! Oh, my Ga-od!"
  • "It was a yellow car, big yellow car. New."
  • "Listen, I just got her a minute ago, from New York. That yellow car I was driving this afternoon wasn't mine."
  • "And what color's your car?"
  • "It's a blue car, a coupé."
  • "Won't you come in, Nick?"
  • "No, thanks. But I'd be glad if you'd order me the taxi. I'll wait outside."
  • "I'll telephone for a taxi to take you home, and while you're waiting you and Jordan better go in the kitchen and have then get you some super."
  • "No, thanks."
  • Tom walks into the garage. While Wilson is talking with the policeman, Tom asks the police what happened and Michaelis gives the policeman information on the accident.
  • "Just standing here, old sport. Did you see any trouble on the road?"
  • "Yes, but of course I'll say I did it. When we left New York she was very nervous and thought it would steady her to drive-and this women rush out as we were passing a car."
  • "Yes. Was Daisy driving?"
  • "What are you doing?"
  • Tom clarifies to Wilson that the yellow car he was driving earlier was in fact not his and the police moves on to asking Tom questions as he raised suspicions.
  • I'm just going to wait here and see if he tries to bother her about the unpleasantness this afternoon."
  • All night, if necessary. Anyhow, till they all go to bed."
  • "You wait here, I'll see if there's any sign of a commotion."
  • "How long are you going to wait?"
  • Tom gets into the car and drives to his house. He looks up and notices Daisy is home. Tom, Nick and Jordan exchange in conversation.
  • Gatsby: "I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, old sport."
  • Nick: "Yes, It's all quiet. You better come home and get some sleep."
  • Nick sits on the porch steps for a minute by himself and then begins to walk down the drive way. Suddenly, Gatsby appears from two bushes. Nick and Gatsby converse about the accident.
  • Nick and Gatsby continue to talk outside the Buchanan's house about the accident.
  • Nick looks into the pantry window where Tom was talking to Daisy and Daisy was looking up and nodding in agreement. Tom's hand falls and covers Daisy's hand. Nick updates Gatsby on what he sees inside.
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