Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to cell city the city that's always changing. This is Prophase street and right now the people you see are named chromosomes.But look out this street is about to change
  • Welcome to Metaphase, those lines you see are called spindle fibers and they connect our cromocitezins together so they stay safe. Wait here we go again our wonderful city is changing
  • Welcome to the newly formed Anaphase street. As you can see the four cromozocitizens have split up between the centriole and are being held down by the blue Spindle fibers.
  • As you can see the city is currently splitting so it can grow and gain population. This splitting phase is called telophase and as of right now our cromocitizens have split and are preparing to duplicate
  • Welcome to the duplication of the telophase, this is called cytokinesis and as you can see we now have two identical cells in which to build our city and this is happening all the time too.
  • Now our wonderful process starts again with prophase. This process with our cromocitezens and our wonderful cell city is always happening day and night. This process is how we living creatures reproduce, create, life heal injurys trillions of cells