Danny Pham- The Masque of the Red Death storyboard
Updated: 2/4/2020
Danny Pham- The Masque of the Red Death storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • The red death has got me! Someone please help!
  • We can all hide in here my friends. No "red death" shall touch us!
  • I think we ought to throw a party in this here abbey!
  • The red death claimed the lives of many of Prince Propsero's people. Its victims would become dizzy, experience sharp pains, and then bleed out through the pores.
  • I don't like the sound of that clock... it disturbs me.
  • Ring!
  • With the threat the Red Death upon him, Prince Prospero deiced to gather up a thousand of his friends and go into seclusion in one of his abbeys. He brought along all the luxuries he thought they would want and/or need and had the abbey doors welded.
  • Who dares mock us like this! Seize him!
  • After about 5 or 6 months, the Prince decided to host a massive party. There were 7 rooms in which this party was held. Each one had its own theme color and matching windows with the exception of the 7th one, which had black decor but stained windows that appeared to be crimson red.
  • While the party went on, the grandfather clock in the 7th room, which was large and black, rang at every hour. And every time it did ring, the people in the party would all stop for a moment before continuing to party. There was a sense of uneasiness everytime the clock rang.
  • When the grandfather clock rang at midnight, there was suddenly the appearance of a masked figure. The figure was covered in covered in blood and had scarlet features on his face.
  • The masked figure began chasing after Prince Prospero, and when the prince tried to around and fight back against his persuer he was immediately killed. Then the masked figure, now revealed to be the red death itself, proceeded with killing all the other people in the abbey.
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