C a n c e r
Updated: 1/27/2021
C a n c e r

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  • Oh dear, I don't think that lump on my throat was there earlier...
  • Hi Dr. Jones? Yeah, I have this weird lump on my throat and I was wondering if I could get it assessed? Yes, thanks. I can be there at 11:00. Great.
  • That lump looks pretty bad, do you know how long you've had it?
  • It was small for a while but this morning I noticed it was really big.
  • Hmm.. I think we need to run an ultrasound on your thyroid. I think you might have cancer.
  • Haha, It's okay. Cancer is just an uncontrolled cell growth. Thyroid cancer is easy to treat.
  • WHAT?!
  • Yep... Hate to say it but that does really look like thyroid cancer. Is there a history of thyroid issues in your family?
  • Yeah, my mom's mother had thyroid cancer a while ago.
  • Thyroid cancer can be genetic. Since you haven't been exposed to radiation and you have a great diet, I'm going to guess that was the cause.