The Story of Job
Updated: 2/20/2020
The Story of Job

Storyboard Text

  • OK then, let's test it.
  • God loves Job but Satan is suspicious
  • I really like Job. He's very faithful
  • How do you know? He could just be cheating you.
  • The suffering has begun for Job...
  • NO! How can this be? I was always faithful to God. Why did my kids die?
  • Job's friends visit him..
  • You must have sinned badly. What did you do?!
  • They decide to bet £50 on Job's faithfulness
  • Job demands God show himself
  • Jeez man, calm it...
  • God. This is beautiful...
  • His children die.
  • God takes Job on a tour of the Universe
  • I knew you were loyal...
  • Job will never know why he suffered, but Satan lost £50...
  • I will always be faithful
  • Why mate? Me and God had a bet and I lost £50
  • He asks to see God in person
  • Job doesn't understand what's happening
  • Job's happiness is restored but Satan is a bit poorer...