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Electoral College Infographic
Updated: 11/1/2019
Electoral College Infographic
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  • Electoral College Infographic
  • Totals: 435 House Members100 Senators 3 Electors for D.C.538 Electoral Votes
  • The Electoral College was a compromise. Combining features of both Congressional selection and Direct popular election
  • Each State is entitled to as many electoral votes as the sum of its representation-U.S. House of Senate--U.S. House of Representatives- This is known as Congressional Representation
  • Individuals are selected in each state to officially cast a states electoral votes13 for selected for Virginia for it's 13 electoral votes
  • How are the Electors Chosen?
  • Electors will almost always vote for their party's candidates But they do not have to
  • If candidate A gets the most votes in the state he gets all of the delegates
  • All but 2 states use the Winner Take All system Nebraska and Maine
  • Winner Take All System
  • How To Win
  • To win, the candidate needs a majority vote(270 electoral votes)If neither receives a majority the House of Representatives elects the president and vice- president
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