Broken Blade by Anjali Patel Hour 5
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Anjali Patel Hour 5

Storyboard Text

  • NO!!!!!!!!!
  • I became a Voyageur because my dad was hurt and my family needed money. So i went to the post and asked if i could become a Voyageur and they said yes. In Lachine I had to leave behind my family,friends and classmates.
  • After leaving St. Annes I felt really sad after seeing all of the crosses for the Voyageurs. I get along with everyone except for Beloit. My muscles and blisters hurt really bad and I can't move my hands because of my blisters. I am homesick and I would rather be in class doing homework then being a Voyageur.
  • My brigade decided to run the rapids!The ride was crazy,fun and I was very nervous because it was my first time going down the rapids.La Londe fell into the rapids and we couldn't find him so we made a cross out of his paddle and Mc Kay said a few words.
  • I was skeptical about crossing Lake Superior because of what my dad talked about. We started to take on water and people had to bail because of how much water we took on. We decided to go through the middle of the lake and on the way we found an island to stay at.
  • My brigade and I arrived at rendezvous and I was very happy. The trading post looked so small form a distance but it was really big. I met Mukwa and he was a chief and Charbonneau and I had dinner with his family. Kennewah and I went to pick blueberries and it was fun to hang out with her.
  • I am returning back to Lachine with my brigade because I want to see my friends and family so much. I am planning on signing on again next year because I really liked it and I can see my canoe mates. I want to continue west into Minnesota and through the winter. And for my first time being a voyageur it was fun although the beginning was hard it got easier once we got to Lake Superior.