broken blade by Hudson herzig hour 3
Updated: 2/27/2020
broken blade by Hudson herzig hour 3

Storyboard Text

  • Charles Lapage Pierre"s dad cut his thumb so the doctor came. The doctor said he cant sign on as a voyageur. So Pierres had to sign on as a voyageur to make sure his family had money for the winter.
  • After leaving St. Anne's Pierre is getting along with some of his brigade but Beloit is being very mean. He has a lot of blisters and his arms are very sore he is missing playing games with his family at home.
  • Pierre's brigade went in the rapids instead of the portage.In the rapids La Londe had to hold the canoe up and let Mc Kays canoe go though. la londe lost his footing on the rock and slipped away and died.Both brigades went looking for la londe but they could only find his paddle.
  • Crossing lake Superior was hard for Prierre because water kept leaking in and they had three people getting the water out of the canoe.They went right through lake Superior.
  • When Pierre got to the fort he was pretty happy.When he went with Charbonneau he was shocked because Charbonneau was in a choke hold, but it was just the Leader that was Charbonneau's friend when they went to the Rendezvous he ate dog in the soup.When he was getting his food he saw Kennewah and was shocked on how beautiful she was.
  • Pierre is coming home with his brigade.Pierre is returning because he did not sign on to winter, yes he is going to sign on next spring and was thinking about wintering with Charbonneau.