Great Depression Hero
Updated: 3/13/2020
Great Depression Hero

Storyboard Description

The man who stops a food robbery

Storyboard Text

  • Billy: Dad we have no food we haven't ate properly for the last 3 days.John: Look son I just don't know how we're going to get through this harsh winterJohn: I'll find a way to get food even if it kills me.What Billy doesn't know is that his dad will soon commit a crime for food
  • John: I know we don't have the money so I'll have to rob the local grocery store down the streetJohn: oh man I almost forgot the Mark was waiting for his parents to come back homeJohn: I sure hope he didn't hear me, oh he is asleep so I should be fine
  • Mark: He hasn't noticed me yet. I'll just wait here for a bit so I can catch him in the act. I should call the police before I go in.
  • John: now that I got all the food I think it would be even better if I emptied out the cash register
  • Mark: Stop right there John I've called the cops already put the money and food downJohn: We need this food Mark, my family hasn't eaten properly for weeks I need this for family
  • Cop 1: Thank you mark for stopping john Mark: I know it was a hard decision but it was the right one Cop 2: You shouldn't have robbed the store johnJohn: I don't regret my decision Since it was all for my family