Eplorers timeline

Updated: 9/11/2020
Eplorers timeline

Storyboard Text

  • I am Christopher Columbus!I was supposed to go to Spain from India but I ended up in Florida
  • I am Alonzo Alveras de Pineda!I was born in Jamaica,and I was the first European explorer the Texas coast
  • My name is Hernan Cortes! I was born in 1519.Aztec viewed my crew as gods because of the horses,firearms,and metal armor we used.
  • My name is cabeza de vaca!I shipwrecked on Galveston island by hurricane.I was captured by kawakas tribe and escaped Texas in 1536.I also went to Mexico city telling stories about cities of gold.Thats when the gold rush began.
  • I discovered the Gran Canyon but didn't realize it.I led 300 Spanish,and 800 Indians in search of gold that he never found
  • My name is Robert de la salle!In 1682 I sailed from Canada,down the Mississippi river to the Golf of Mexico.I claimed the entire Mississippi river and all rivers that flowed in it and all the land around it for France