Michael Roosevelt ROTHMC
Updated: 2/13/2020
Michael Roosevelt ROTHMC

Storyboard Text

  • Setting:SchoolCharacters:Miss. Crocker, Cassie, Little Man.LIttle Man threw his book on the ground because of how bad of a condition the book is. Cassie his older sister got involved and tried to explain why he did it.
  • Setting: SchoolCharacters: Little Man, Cassie, and Miss. Crocker.While Cassie was trying to stick up for Little Man but Miss. Crocker would not listen to her and she whipped Cassie and Little Man with the switch.
  • Setting: SchoolCharacters: Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Crocker, and Cassie.In rage Miss. Crocker went to Mrs. Logans classroom and was talking about how bad her children are. Mrs.Logan takes no offence to this at all and while this conversation is going on Cassie is easedrooping in the backround.