Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Ok sure! But I have sneak out because my parents don't let me go out that late Brooke.
  • Hannah you should come to my party later at 8pm!
  • Ya let's go out and smoke. Brooke bring the girl with you too.
  • Later that day at the party:
  • Yo bro, this new patch is so good.
  • Ughhhh fine?!
  • But I have to drive home and I'm not allowed either.
  • Hannah come on try! It's legit good!
  • Ya dude
  • Come on party pooper?! By the time you leave the drug doesn't affect you anymore.
  • Middle of morning
  • Whoa!Wait!No
  • Your daughter is a bit injured but she will be fine. she was high on drugs which caused Glaucoma and that blurred out her vision and that caused the accident.
  • Thank you for helping our daughter, doctor.
  • The end(Take your steps in life carefully.)