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Updated: 9/9/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Umm, Tara. We have a lab today. You don't have on closed-toed shoes, your hair is down, and you have jewelry.
  • Oh No, Amy! I totally forgot.
  • Ben: Hey Jill are you ready for lab next period?Jill: Oh yeah! I can't wait to let the frogs lose and make everyone scream.Ben: What? No, that would be violating rule one.
  • Microorganisms in local lakes.
  • I'm professor Bahatia. Today were going to look at microorganisms.
  • Catch this Sam!
  • No, don't throw that! Violation of lab behavior!
  • You and Ben are following the rules. You'll be fine, Amy.
  • We will never be allowed back in lab again! No one is following the rules.
  • Haha... Jill won't find me - oh, where did I put that test tube?
  • Stop messing around Jill. You are violating too many rules!
  • 2 Main Lab Safety Violations:1- Attire: Hair up, closed-toed-shoes, no jewelry, safety google.2- Behavior: Do nothing unauthorized by instructor, control your actions, stay on task.