The climb part 2
Updated: 11/11/2020
The climb part 2

Storyboard Text

  • I understandGoodbye and Goodluck Dylan
  • I believe that you can get the cure and save Qina!!!
  • Goodluck and go on without me.
  • We've almost got you!!!
  • Yes!! I made it inside!Only one more floor to go!
  • I have to do this for Qina and Dylan
  • Wow I finally made it to the top
  • Oh no... It's the boss himself, Praxton!
  • and he's got the cure!!!
  • Mwah ha ha...
  • Yakob continues and Dylan stays back to distract the guards that are coming closer.
  • Hand over the cure Praxton!
  • What a jerk...Looks like im gonna have to find a way to take it.
  • Sorry but I'm not going to do that. Your friend doesn't deserve it anyways!
  • I had a feeling you would be here YAKOB!
  • Yakob enters the building and is almost at the roof where the cure is located
  • I knew you would co.....
  • NOOOO!
  • Wait where are you going!!Stop Wait!!!
  • Thanks for the cure and parachute old man!
  • Later That morning.....
  • Surprisingly, the owner of the tower, Praxton, is on the roof with the cure and a parachute, seemingly expecting Yakob.
  • ...and then BOOM i jumped of the roof and pulled my parachute
  • Well whatever you guys did, thank you. I'm finally cured!
  • No way you did that
  • As your instructor I'm proud of y'all.
  • Yakob and Praxton argue with Yakob deciding to sneak and take the cure as Praxton refuses to give him it
  • Yakob sneakily takes the cure and parachutes off the building leaving Praxton behind in shock
  • The crew arrives the next morning and cures Qina
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