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Updated: 4/16/2020
Lydia's Storyboard

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  • To death!
  • No! Give him a chance.
  • Good looks!
  • Flattery!
  • Money!
  • What do you desire most?
  • A knight was walking from the river and over took a women he saw on the road.
  • I will help you if you swear to do everything I tell you!
  • I swear
  • The king sentenced the knight to death, but agreed to let the queen save his life. The queen told the knight that if he could tell her what women desire the most, he would be spared. She gave him 1 year and 1 day.
  • Marry me!
  • A women desires to be in charge of their husband
  • You are correct!
  • The knight traveled to many different places and asked the women he encountered what they most desired. They gave him lots of different answers.
  • I could be ugly and faithful or young and unfaithful. You choose.
  • I will be young and faithful because you let me chose.
  • You can pick what is best for me.
  • The knight's time was up, and he started back for castle with no answer. He encountered an old, ugly woman, who told him that she would help him if he did everything she told him to. He swore he would.
  • The knight told the queen what the old lady told him to: women most desire to be in charge of their husbands. The queen agreed, so he was allowed to live. The Old women then asked the knight to marry her and he had to agree because he swore to her.
  • After the knight married the old lady, she asked him why he was sad and he told her that she was ugly and old and it was embarrassing. She told him that he could choose for her to be old, ugly and faithful or young, beautiful and unfaithful. The knight told her she could choose, so the old lady became beautiful and faithful because he let her chose.
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