TWTSML Dress Storyboard 2
Updated: 5/28/2021
TWTSML Dress Storyboard 2

Storyboard Text

  • Close-up/establishing shot, eye level (with dress), with back and front lighting for glow effect. "Inside was a dress made out of soft dark green fabric. It had puffed sleeves and a round collar, and it gathered at the waist before billowing out into a long, full skirt." (213)
  • Close up, eye level shot, with low key lighting (Ada would be looking downward)"It was so beautiful I couldn't touch it. I just stared" (213)
  • Over the shoulder, eye level, side lit shot"Come," Susan said. "Let's see if it fits."
  • Over the shoulder, eye level shot, with lowkey lighting"There," [Susan] said, smiling, her eyes soft and warm. "It's perfect. Ada. You're beautiful." (213)
  • Close up, eye level shot with low key lighting"She was lying. She was lying, and I couldn't bear it. I heard Mam's voice shrieking in my head. "You ugly piece of rubbish! Filth and trash! No one wants you, with that ugly foot!" My hands started to shake. Rubbish. Filth. Trash. I could wear Maggie's discards, or plain clothes from the shops, but not this, not this beautiful dress." (213-214)
  • Long shot, would be shot from a high angle (for vulnerability) with lowkey lighting"A scream built up from somewhere inside me, came raring out in an ocean of sound...Susan pinning down my arms, holding me aganst her, holding me tight. Waves of panic hit me, over and over, turning me and tossing me until I thought I'd drown." (214)