Canterbury tales
Updated: 2/3/2021
Canterbury tales

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  • The Monk's Tale
  • Adam, Eve and the Apples
  • Lucifer Becomes Satan
  • The Monk's Tale (#21) is not just one tale, it is 17 tales. 5 of those tales will be covered. These tales all share the theme of tragedy, and the Monk explains that every treasure in the world is pure illusion, and nothing can prevent the fall of the proud.
  • Samson and Delilah
  • In the book of Genesis from the Bible, Adam and his wife Eve lived a perfect life in the Garden of Eden. However, when God tells them not to eat from the tree that God tells them not to eat from, they eat from the tree anyway, and it brought sin into the world.
  • Nero
  • In the book of Ezekiel from the Bible, Lucifer, an angel of God, became proud and thought he was the greatest and most beautiful angel. Whenever he sinned, he was cast down from Heaven into Hell, where he becomes Satan.
  • Julius Caesar
  • In the book of Judges, Samson, a strong man, meets a prostitute named Delilah and falls in love with her. A bunch of Philistine soldiers, who were after Samson, offer Delilah 1100 silver coins to find out how he gets his strength so they can capture him. Delilah tries to persuade him to tell her how he gets his strength by tying him up with ropes. Samson finally gives up and tells her that it comes from his hair. This led to betrayal by Delilah, as she orders a servant to cut off his hair and the Philistines captured him.
  • Nero Claudius Caesar was the ruler of Rome from 54 A.D. to his death 14 years later. In the final years of his rule, Rome was in bad shape because of revolts, reconstruction costs, and treaties with other nations. In 65 A.D., Nero decided to getaway to Greece for 3 years. When he got back, Nero's people turned on him when he didn't do anything about a revolt in Gaul, a Roman province, which led to more revolts in the Empire. When Galba, the governor of Gaul declared allegiance to a nation that was a threat to the Empire, Nero had a warrant for his arrest and tried to flee, but ended up taking his own life.
  • Julius Caesar was a military genius, Roman general and statesman who played a very big role in the plunge of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. A civil war broke out in Rome, but he triumphed over it. He was assassinated by Marcus Junius Brutus because he and others thought Caesar was too powerful.