Katie Offutt-Refusal Comic
Updated: 2/19/2021
Katie Offutt-Refusal Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Jes
  • Kelly
  • Say No.
  • Come on, it'll be just like old times. when did you get so boring?
  • No, you guys already know that. im failing this class, i have to get this grade up.
  • Hey,wanna come skip this period with us?
  • Sam
  • Tell Why Not / Offer Other Ideas
  • We can just slip in the bathroom until everyone is in class then we can just wander. it'll be fun!
  • Im not skipping and thats final, can we all just go to science?
  • No we dont wanna go to science the IXLs are too hard. lets just do it, dont be a baby .
  • Promptly Leave
  • Yeah Kelly you don't have to be so stiff. Lighten up.
  • Well I already told you guys I dont want to skip. You guys already know my parents would kill me. And the custodians are always walking the halls your bound to get caught
  • You're so boring! I cant believe we even let you in on the plan.
  • (The thicker bubbels are the names) Sam asks kelly to skip class with her and Jes, Kelly tells them no because shes failing the class they want her to skip. Jes tells Kelly that it will be just like old times, and asks her when she got so boring.
  • Sam says that they can just slip into the bathroom and that it'll be fun. Kelly tells them no again and asks if they can just go to science. Jes says no and tells Kelly not to be a baby.
  • Jes tells kelly that she's boring, Sam adds on to her statement saying the she shouldn't be so stiff. Kelly claps back and tells them that she's not skipping and and her parents would kill her. (Kelly leaves)