How a Bill Becomes a Law
Updated: 1/28/2020
How a Bill Becomes a Law
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  • Introduction
  • I don't know how a bill becomes a law
  • That's it for today class and remember. your step by step on how a bill becomes a law project is due tomorrow
  • Don't worry, I'll help you out
  • Step 1
  • I think that every school including private schools should have lunch at no charge
  • What's wrong?
  • Aw man
  • Then it is sent to a member in congress
  • This idea seems reasonable
  • I think it should become a law
  • Step 2
  • The idea is drafted as a bill and is introduced into the Senate or HOR
  • I
  • I
  • This bill could be an improvement to schools and the welfare of their students
  • I
  • This bill can fix some of the problems we have in schools
  • Step 5
  • This bill is an improvement to schools
  • The bill is sent to the HOR and is presented
  • You have 20 minutes to talk about this bill.
  • Step 3
  • The bill is voted on
  • It is voted on in a committee
  • Yay
  • Step 4
  • Nay
  • Yay
  • This bill is passed by a vote of 230.
  • All in favor yay and other nay
  • The Bill is voted on in the senate
  • Step 6
  • Votes:Yes: 63No: 37
  • It all starts when someone comes up with an idea and thinks it should be a law
  • In the white house
  • How about we change the bill so it says all schools with more students should have free lunch
  • House of Representatives votes: 320
  • The bill is sent to a committee
  • Both houses vote on passing the bill
  • Votes on passing the bill:
  • Step 7
  • All in favor say I
  • Senate votes: 68
  • Mr. President
  • A committee is able to modify it to make it pass when it is voted on
  • The bill goes on to the Senate and is heard
  • Well, that's all the time I got today, goodbye
  • There is a bill that Congress is waiting for you to sign
  • Yes Secretary?
  • Did he say something?
  • Very well this bill shall become a law
  • The president signs the bill and it becomes a law
  • Final Step
  • The End
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