Deal with the Devil
Updated: 2/5/2020
Deal with the Devil
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  • Give me chance
  • Your not cool enough
  • OMG!!
  • Hello there
  • ughh...
  • Do we have a deal ?
  • Devin was a poor, lonely, non popular person that no one wanted to hang out with. They would always tell him that him was good enough form him to hang with them. They wouldn't even go to his birthday parties overtime. They would treat him like a piece of trash.
  • Thanks
  • WOW!! Nice house and cars
  • One night when Devin was sleep the Devil appeared at in his room. Devin was frighten, he screamed for help constantly, but no one bothered to go check on him. It was just him in the Devil. Devin thought he was just dreaming, but he wasn't.
  • What have I done
  • The Devil offered Devin wealth and popularity for his soul. Devin knew it was a bad idea to trust the Devil, but he was sick and tired of people treating him wrong. So he accepted it and the very next day everything he'd wish for came true.
  • Your soul is mine now
  • Devin through a party as soon as his house, cars, and popularity was given to him. Everyone wanted to be Devin's friend, because he had what they didn't. Devin didn't want the day to be over. So he through another party the next day and more people showed up.
  • Overtime, as days, weeks, and months went by Devin began to think that everything he wish for had began to became boring, and he wasn't happy. What he didn't know, was that by him being rich and popular was going to bring lonely and heart broken moments.
  • Devin tried to get his back from the Devil, but he should've known not to trust the Devil. Devin soul was now the Devil. He cried out to God to save him but God didn't. Devin was soul was trapped in Hell for eternity
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