The Raven By: Dustin Reidy
Updated: 11/5/2018
The Raven By: Dustin Reidy
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  • "I nodded nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping (Poe 1).
  • Tap... Tap... Tap
  • Tap, tap, tap
  • Tis a visitor... and nothing more.
  • A man nearly napping trying to distract himself from his dead wife by reading forgotten lore suddenly hears a tapping on his chamber door.
  • nevermore
  • The man was scared, so he just played it off as a visitor... and nothing more.
  • As the tapping continued at his chamber door , he slowly started to get more and more worried and eventually he got to the point of confronting the person... or thing lurking outside.
  • nevermore
  • When the man confronted the bird, it only answered his questions of Lenore with a repetitive, "nevermore."
  • The man started to question if the bird was of bird or devil because of the repetitive answer the bird kept replying, "Nevermore"
  • The man got so caught up in his own thoughts that he started to yell at the bird asking if the bird was of bird or devil, if ok was Lenore, but the raven only answered, "Nevermore"
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