Dear Best Friend
Updated: 4/20/2020
Dear Best Friend
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Scene 1: At the bus stop, Rosie and Sadie are talking about drama between Rosie Maloney and London. Setting: Bus Stop Characters: Rosie, Sadie, Rosie Maloney, London Conflict/Problem: Drama and friends being mean to each other Scene 2: Walking down the street to Sadie's house to have a sleepover and talk about drama Setting: the street Characters: Rosie and Sadie Conflict: drama Events: walking and having a sleepover Sciene 3: Sadie and Rosie are talking about what they are going to do at the sleepover. They are talking about what Starbucks drink they are going to get with Sadie's dog Goose. They have a fun sleepover and don't worry anymore about the drama. Setting: Sadie's bedroom Characters: Rosie and Sadie and the dog Goose Conflict: drama Solution: They are no longer worrying and having a fun sleepover
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