Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition - introduce setting, characters, background information
  • W - how is a mortal here!
  • Rising Action - introduce conflict
  • Atom what do you want to do
  • Hello puny thunder god my name is Atom. l am here from a long slumber to come back and take the strongest god title.
  • Rising Action - conflict develops
  • When Zeus killed Phaethon he made a portal to Mount Olympus,( heaven)and a person named Atom saw it and walked threw it. Atom was a prideful hero who slayed a few monsters and saved a few people, and all that made him think he was the best. Atom who thought, and still does think he was the best at anything, that he should already be the strongest god even if he was human and step threw the portal something he would regret till the end of time.
  • Rising Action - continues developing
  • Atom saw Zeus, Zeus was shocked that a mortal appeared in front of him, but Atom had a plan, he told Zeus that he was a God who was the strongest, but had slept for a millennia ,and had just woken up, Zeus Believed him because only gods can enter Mount Olympus.
  • Climax - turning point
  • After meeting all the gods Zeus took Atom to his room, they all took him in as the strongest god, although one god was suspicious of Atom and did not think he was what he said he was, and that god was Athena the goddess of wisdom. and spied on him
  • - The end
  • All the gods had a meeting, and were talking about Atom, every one excepted him as the strongest god, but Athena, she said that he wasn't what he says he is but no one believed her, but Aphrodite she had a plan to see if he was a god or not.
  • Athena led Atom to a river where he thought they were alone. Athena said to, "Tell me are you a god or not," Atom said, "I am not but what are you going to do about it,"she said, "This." and Zeus and Aphrodite came out of the tree, Zeus yelled at him, while Aphrodite was sad that he wasn't a god, after that Zeus and Athena banished him to the underworld, all the while Atom begged them to no avail.
  • The gods gave him a second chance and instead of leaving him in the underworld they created three other worlds, heaven, hell, and purgatory, and how they choose witch one people go two when they die is how faithful they were and regret their actions. This is the story of how heaven, hell, and purgatory were made, and where we got to when we die.
  • Thank you Gods for this second chance