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Broken Blade by Addison Paasch hour 6
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken Blade by Addison Paasch hour 6
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  • Oh no how are we going to be able to afford food.
  • I should of waken up early. Now my father cut his thumb off.
  • Pierre now as to become a voyager because his father can no longer be one. He is leaving behind his family to help them afford the things they need.
  • Pierre has a lot of blisters on his hand from paddling all the way to St. Annes. most of the voyagers that have met pierre make fun of him but there are some people who are nice to him. Pierre's muscles are sore and his blisters are all bleeding. Pierre is a little homesick because he has some flashbacks of his family and how he wished he could be with them.
  • They ended up running the rapids. The rapids were so dangerous that La Londe drowned during it. The quick twists and turns were a lot for Pierre. They almost ran into rocks but they managed.
  • I am so happy to be back home
  • You have grow up so much.
  • the first couple days weather was perfect. But once they cut through the middle the waves were really bad. The waves were so bad that they got water in their boat and had to scoop it out.
  • Pierre was expecting more to it. he thought it would be a castle or something big. Pierre was happy that they made it because he new that he was half way home. He would be able to see is family again.
  • I think Pierre is going to return to Lachine with his brigade because his dad was happy about how much he changed. When he goes again he might learn a lot more and grow so his dad will be so happy and proud of him again. If he keeps going west into Minnesota he will be even more homesick. He wants to see his family and be able to let them know all about his trip. For Pierre being a voyager at first was a struggle but when he got the hang of things he got stronger and in the end he was proud of himself. Everyone was proud of him to especilly his dad.
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