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Updated: 8/27/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • I don't know.
  • Your kids need a break.
  • Meet George and Lydia, they have two kids. They have a techno house, it has robots that tie shoes bath them, and all sorts of stuff. They spoiled their children so much.
  • Climax
  • We are turning off the nursery for a while. I think Daid had a point. 
  • Sense their kids were spoiled, they built them a nursery. This nursery was not normal it made you think you were in a different location, but the rough thing was it broke. The other bad thing was, that it was so strong the location came to life. Letting the kids see death images, so their kids would not be able to sleep at night .
  • Falling Action
  • You're going. I will be right back I have to go get some more things.
  • The two kids are named Peter and Wendy. They started acting up so bad to the point where the parents bring in a psychologist, his name was David. David told Lydia and George that they spoiled their kids so much, so he told the to turn the nursery off. George was not for sure about what David said.
  • Resolution
  • Help!! Let us ou tof here!!
  • Someone help u....
  • George told his kids that he was going to turn off the nursery, they did not like this idea so they started acting up more than usual. The kids got so mad to the point that Peter started to threaten George.
  • I wouldn't do that if I was you dad.
  • After George heard these threats he decided to get a break from the whole house. He told his family they were going on a vacation, the kids did not like this idea either. They begged their parents to stay. George told them no they are going.
  • Don't make us go!
  • The kids hated this idea, and decided to lock the parents in the nursery. The technology in the nursery was so strong that it turned the location in to real life. The kids put the parents in Africa with lions and other dangerous animals. Sense there was lions the lions had some dinner that night. The kids did not have to go on vacation after that.
  • Hurry the lions are coming!!
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