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Updated: 2/9/2021
Hannah Thorson Story board

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  • First the old man wanted to pitch his idea of a new snack stand to the city town hall because he wanted a new stand besides boxes on the side of the road selling the snacks for 30 cents
  • He started to stand up and go on with everything and they told him that he passed and he went to the capitial to see if it was good for the economic to have a snack stand
  • He went to the capital and he started pitching his idea for a new snack stand but he also had his rival there which was his next door neighbor
  • Then the capital relized that he was copy righting off of his rival to try and one up him so the old man went to jail all of a sudden you felt the jail shake
  • The old man excaped and went out to the country where no one would find him but he was losing 20 dollars every day and everyone wondered why
  • His rival was selling the snacks that he wanted to sell and was buying them for 20 dollars a box but then the old man relized it was his snacks his rival stole and was advertizing them as hers, to be contiuned...