Sharecropper Life(reconstruction comic strip)
Updated: 2/3/2021
Sharecropper Life(reconstruction comic strip)

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Andrew, can you give me some of your land, ill pay you back with the crops that I get? Isn't that what I do as a share cropper ask the owner to loan me some land?
  • Thanks!
  • Sure, I will loan you some of my land, though you have you pay me back with the crops that you get, and Indeed you are a sharecropper.
  • The crops are growing, although I don't think this is enough to feed my family and give some of it to Andrew(owner of the land).
  • Um Andrew, I didin't get enough crops as you told me.
  • Oh ok, but what if I don't get enough crops next time?
  • ok then
  • Well then you have to pay me debt, that means you have to owe me more of your crops from next harvest.
  • Then your still in debt and in even more poverty.