digital footprint
Updated: 1/22/2021
digital  footprint

Storyboard Text

  • oh ok ill have to find another school
  • im sorry but you lost your scholarship due to post we saw on instagram
  • in this scene it shows 2 bestfriends on there way to a party the one in the pink dress is Zoe the one in the red dress is brie
  • ok ill try to do better
  • we saw the drinking post and this isnt the right place for you
  • im very sorry brie
  • in this scene it shows the friends at a party posting on social media and drinking
  • here it shows zoe loosing the scholarship she just got due to the way she acted at the party
  • ok deal
  • lets promise to never go to a party like that again
  • here it shows brie getting rejected from her dream collage because of all the pictures she saw of her at the party drinking
  • the girls called each other to tell eachother the bad news they cried all night
  • the girls decide to try harder so they both delete all the pictures that had them drinking and tried to start new